Programs & Prices

Valeo Metrics


New to CrossFit? Our Valeo Metrics program is where it all begins! During the program one of our experienced coaches will guide you through six one-on-one sessions, then upon completing those sessions you will have two weeks of unlimited CrossFit classes to experience the group setting and community at Valeo!

Throughout your 6 one-on-one sessions, you will become familiar with all of CrossFit’s fundamental movements and will be coached on proper form and technique to ensure that you will have a foundation to build upon when you transition to the regular CrossFit classes.  

CrossFit Classes


Where the magic happens! At CrossFit Valeo, every class will be varied and will typically feature a metabolic conditioning piece, coupled with a strength or gymnastic skill portion. Some days you’ll see all three, and some days we’ll focus on just one! 

Each workout has been planned with an intended stimulus, and each element within those workouts have been periodized throughout the year to ensure a constant progression in fitness. Injury prevention and reducing unnecessary overtraining are priorities at CrossFit Valeo. 

Personal Training


If you are serious about reaching any of your health and fitness goals, regardless if they are specific to CrossFit or not, then personal training is the extra push that will help you achieve them! 

With all personal training packages, you will reap the benefit of an initial consult and interactive planning session. You will then be coached through your individual program which will be specifically planned towards achieving the goals that you set together with your coach. 

Email to schedule your initial consult!



Visiting from out of town?

Got a meeting in the neighbourhood?

Looking to workout with a Valeo member?

If you already have CrossFit experience we'd love to have you!

E-mail us at and let us know when you would like to come in. 

Drop ins are free with a Valeo t-shirt/tank purchase!

Specialty Programs

Olympic Weightlifting

A 90 minute class devoted to improving your efficiency in the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk. The 12-session program will introduce you to a variety of drills that help you refine your technique, work on your speed, and enable you to focus on proper movement patterns.  

Our Olympic Weightlifting program is taught by Joe McGurk, a NCCP Level 1 weightlifting coach with over 10 years of coaching experience!

Our current program is well underway! 

The next session kicks off in the spring! 

CrossFit Gymnastics

A full hour where complex gymnastic movements are broken down and taught piece by piece using seemingly simple exercises that build body awareness and strength. This class is appropriate for all levels and lays the foundation needed to perform CrossFit gymnastic movements safely and efficiently.  

Our gymnastics program is taught by Lee Ann Simon, a NCCP Level 3 gymnastics coach with over 20 years of coaching experience!

Our next program kicks off in the Spring! Stay tuned for more info.